Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Long Lazy Lobster Nite

I love the summer. To me, nothing could be better than long balmy nights, meals on the deck, and just good ol' sunshine. I wish the season would last forever. Unfortunately, here in Jersey it doesn't, so we embrace it while we can. One way to do that is summer entertaining!

{I like to keep appetizers bright, colorful, and almost guilt free.}

{I'm sure Matt and Lisa would agree that you can't argue with an entree of simple Lobster tails swimming in butta.}

{For a side dish - Michael turned his raw handcut potatoes....}

{...into these delicious french fries!}


  1. And yes, I did use the double-fry method! Thank you Alton Brown! :)

  2. Personally, I prefer a nice colossal shrimp covered in sauce. Those slippery buggers are delicious! Ask the drycleaner!