Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rated Excellent

If you like Italian food and ginormous portions, I'm sure you have been to (or at least heard of) E&V Restaurant in Paterson. The place is an institution that has been around forev-ah. Seriously, I used to go as a kid with my dad and brothers a long long time ago.

I was all set to write my review and then I saw the statements below from various people on the web:

"The atmosphere is unpretentious and the place looks incredibly average, however, the food is anything but. The portions are abundant and perfectly prepared. Bar none, some of the best Northern Italian cuisine in the area. A Sopranos-like left over from a bygone era in Paterson's Hillside section"

"There are thousands of Italian restaurants in North Jersey, but none beat E & V. Whenever you go there, the line is out the door, that's how good it is. Excellent food at a great price and portions so big you'll bring home tomorrow's lunch too"

"You know a good restaurant when every time you arrive there are people standing outside waiting to be seated. E & V offers delicious Italian cuisine, at a very reasonable price. You can usually make two meals out of it too"

Yep, true. All true. Case in point - two people ate all of these mushrooms! The shrimp scampi sauce was so delicious Michael had to stop me from drinking it. And the garlic and oil pasta bowl was almost empty even after eating everything else.

P.S. - Some things you need to know before you go: (1) alcohol is now served, but you can still BYO; (2) parking lot gets full quickly because it is tiny; (3) CASH is king baby. No credit cards are accepted

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  1. Yeah, yeah, pasta is great but the real stars there are (1) the seafood salad and (2) the garlic bread (hold the cheese!).