Monday, December 13, 2010

Dressing Dependency

I have a minor pub obsession (see here and here). There is something I just love about the simplicity of the food I guess. A couple of visits to Poor Herbie’s in Madison recently reminded me of how the restaurant’s old-fashioned mahogany bar makes you feel like you are at “Cheers” and Ted Danson might show up any minute. Love that.

Typical pub fare of hamburgers and cheeseburgers, cold sandwiches, and hot wings are all offered on the menu. The 100% reason that Michael and I drive all the way there though is the salad dressing. It is addicting. Seriously, I might need a twelve step for THIS particular salad dressing (good thing they sell it to take home).

It has this really delicious onion-y taste and for the life of us, we can’t tell you what else is in there, but we can tell you if you eat it once you will want it again and again. Guaranteed.

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