Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shrimp Tricks

Do you know what these two dishes of sauce signify?

You probably guessed it...they are the first thing that is put in front of you when you sit down to a HIBACHI meal :-)

A recent visit to Kiku (Paramus location) made us feel like grown up children as we watched the chef toss shrimp in the air and make volcanoes out of onions! I mean, who doesn't love food that is cooked AND choreographed? Chefs performed the full blown Benihana-style experience with all the schtick and it couldn't have been more fun...or the food more delicious.

Hibachi fried rice is my absolute fave:

Main meal of shrimp, noodles and veggies:

We also gobbled up the complimentary soup and salad starters. Yum. Major scores for good entertainment and even better food.


  1. Oh, and I drank a jug of soju. Good times! :)

  2. You know how to prove that we are separated at birth? Last night for Ben's birthday .... BENIHANA!

    BTW, one of our favorite places in NJ for hibachi --- http://www.ichibanjapanese.com/ near Riverside Square. Remind me to tell you the story. I used to be a regular!