Monday, January 3, 2011

My Big Fat Greek Birthday

In trying to decide where to go for my milestone birthday dinner last week, I chose Greek. Greek folks certainly know how to have a good time and celebrate.....after all, arent these the people who smash plates on the floor, dance around, and yell "OPAH" at weddings? Soooo on our way home from an afternoon of shopping, we googled the nearest Greek restaurant and Greek City in Ramsey came up.

Don't let the strip mall location and not so nice exterior fool you. Inside you will find adorable decor, friendly staff and home made Greek food. It might look like a gyro-joint but I promise it is much more!

I totally overate (heyyyy, it was MY birthday). Started off with pita bread and eggplant dip and grilled halloumi cheese. YUM.

Dinners of seafood stuffed peppers and a grilled seafood platter with Greek fries were totally satisfying. The best thing were the greek potatoes that came with the stuffed pepper - tender, lemony and straight up awesome.

Yep, dessert too. Galaktoboureko:

Who said turning the big 4-0 has to suck?


  1. It was a good place! Don't be fooled by the plain storefront. :)

  2. 40 - uh?
    How did that happen??
    I'm thinking 35 going on 22.
    Girl - you know how to celebrate.
    I ADORE Greek food - Looks like a
    "for sure" stop when I am back in
    the Jerz....