Monday, January 10, 2011

Second Birthday

I'm greedy, so I parlayed my December birthday into more than one celebration. I went for a Greek dinner and enjoyed it. However, after watching this episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate on Food Network - I decided a second birthday meal was in order so I could test out some garlic shrimp at Schillers Liquor Bar on the Lower East Side.

Boy, oh boy, was it worth it....

The bar, after all, was created by Keith McNally (the beloved papa of SoHo's French bistro, Balthazar) and it bears his unmistakable mark. Best part is the moderately priced, straightforward menu with tons of entrees under $20! Our delectables included the garlic shrimp appetizer (heavenly) and entrees of traditional cuban sandwiches (best version I've had):

The wine list is broken out in three categories: cheap, decent and good. Normally we would have ordered a bottle, but my husband was far too stuck on this winter cocktail to stray. It might have been the best part of his meal!

Schiller's made me want to go to Balthazar STAT.


  1. The "First Snow" cocktail is -- hands down -- the best cocktail I've had. (traditional martinis excepted, of course)

  2. Are you kidding me??!!
    That pan of sizzling shrimp DID IT!!
    I was thinking of baked fish and salad
    tonight after two weeks of our birthday partying (I'm with you Gee - s-t-r-e-t-c-h
    it out) Now, I don't think so....
    Markie get in that kitchen
    Menu's changed!