Monday, February 14, 2011

Dinner Meeting

Remember Top Chef Masters? It is undoubtedly one of my favorite shows on TV. Soooo, when I met this guy, I thought my head would explode. Fellow fans of the show (and good friends) M&R agreed after watching Mr. Waxman's performance on TV that we must all try his restaurant, Barbuto, together.

It took us some time to make it happen but it finally did. Not only was the food that Saturday night beyond delicious, but my meeting and two minute conversation with Mr. Waxman himself still has me floating on air.

If you watched Mr. Waxman on Top Chef Masters then you know he earned himself such nicknames as - Chef Kenobi, the Jedi, Chef Obi-Wan, and my personal favorite, the Silver Fox. You would also know his food is simple (he is known for his basic roast chicken). No razzle dazzle, no wacky ingredients....just the pure flavors of the freshest possible recipe components.

Our Barbuto dinner couldn't have been more representative of this awesome Chef and his food style. Fresh creamy polenta with flavorful lamb ragu, perfectly crispy roast chicken entrees, charred brussel sprouts, and crunchy potatoes with pecorino and rosemary were all very simple and VERY delicious:

My only Barbuto regret? Not photographing the Silver Fox :-(


  1. Chef Waxman is a true gentleman. He was every bit the "good guy" that came across on Top Chef. And the food was fantastic!

    I would have eaten all the above!
    MY only regret is that the M&R aforementioned wasn't the M&R duo from Boca Raton