Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flavorful Fridays

Ok, I love Greek food. No, I mean I really really love Greek food. I guess it is because of this reason that I find myself at the same restaurant EVERY FRIDAY night!

Located on Bloomfield Avenue in the heart of Montclair, Greek Delights offers dinner specialties straight from the Greek isles. The restaurant is a comfortable and relaxed space catering to adults with varied dishes at moderate prices. Some of our favorite menu items include the eggplant dip, the Saganaki cheese broiled with lemon, the grilled seasoned chicken steak with Greek Salad - and - Mike's personal favorite, the Greek salad topped with gyro meat. Their gyro meat is beyond tasty, shaved thin and seasoned to perfection making it a terrific salad addition.

Oh, and I love their warm pita bread (made even better dunked in tzatziki).

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