Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stress Relieving Satisfaction

Sometimes before work (my day starts at 1:30pm) I need to clear my mind and just relax. Usually that involves food! I have a deep love for Neiman Marcus, not only for the gorgeousness stocked on their racks, but also for having a place to nosh tucked away right in the store.

The Rotunda is a hidden gem on the top floor of Neiman's in Paramus. Their complimentary popovers are outstanding alone...but can be made even better with the strawberry butter accompaniment. Lunch was a bowl of low-cal pasta fagioli soup. The rich tomato-y broth and high flavor made it hard to tell this soup was good for you! Love that.

It is comforting to know I can always count on Neiman's for the perfect amount of destressing before heading to my office. I guess that's why I've mentioned them several times before (examples here and here)!

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