Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkins, Leaves and Acorns

Lately I've been sort of obsessed with baked goods. Maybe it is the crisp fall weather? Maybe it is the fact that my hubsband adores pumpkin recipes? Or maybe I'm just looking for excuses to bake up the things below.

I think these mini Pumpkin Whoopie Pies (recipe from Every Day with Rachael Ray) just stole my heart. How cute are these classic cream-filled cakes with a pumpkin twist?

I don't want to walk to Williams-Sonoma, I want to RUN there now to buy some of their baking pans. Look at the quick bread you can create adorned with plump pumpkins and festive autumn leaves. Suh-weeeet.

This molded pan from Williams-Sonoma makes mini cakes in the form of fall icons, so you can enjoy bite-sized pumpkin and acorn treats. Honestly, I couldn't justify owning an acorn cake pan, but I want it anway! (sorry Michael)

One of the best parts of fall is yummy baked goods -- the smell, the warmth, and the delicious tastes! YUM! I can't wait to bake something.

(All Photos from Pixtal Peep)

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