Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I finally went to Minetta Tavern. I had the renowned Black Label Burger. I feel as though blogging about said burger is beating a dead horse....I mean everyone in the food world has heard about Minetta AND that infamous burger, right?

So I’ll spare you the part about the restaurant description (Minetta Tavern being tucked away on Minetta Lane with windows only in front ...blah, blah, blah) and get right to what matters – THE BURGER. Drum roll, please....

The pricey burger is a unique blend of prime dry-aged beef that claims to be one of the best in the biz. When it arrived, I stared at it for a moment (then photographed it). If I were to compare this burger to a person, it is visually right on par with George Clooney (or whomever you find to be the most attractive male/female on the planet). It was pretty stunning. Thick beef patty oozing with juices, crusty outside and pure pink in the middle, mahogany caramelized onions sitting on top, all served on a buttered sesame-seeded brioche bun – UH, yum.

It was truly a riveting experience because burgers rarely pack that flavor punch of aged beef. The juices were abundant and I’m sure the clarified butter that they baste the entire burger in during the cooking process contributed to my eyes rolling back into my head a few times while eating. Oh, and let’s not forget the depth of flavor those onions added. Insanity.

I know what you are thinking - can a burger be that good? Can it be worth $26? Yes. Yes it can. And it is.

More tomorrow on Minetta. There was actually a dish that I would order again next time....and it isn’t the burger!

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  1. All of the above mentioned food was what our ALLMIGHTY had in mind when HE created our TASTE BUDS. First of all - lately I am on a pasta and egg gig. It all started with a "borrowed magazine" that featured Giada's Italian Pasta Egg Scramble.... I am ALWAYS on the look out for a great Burger with all it's accompaniments, fab fries, fresh sliced tomatoes etc MINETTA TAVERN puts me in mind of the now defunct SOHO BAR & GRILL - a place where me and the Mister would sit for hours with our appetizers, burger and flights of wine. It is what the thrill of eating in New York is all about - One of those restaurant experiences with a vibe that you feel from ceiling to floor - wall to wall - that you will find nowhere else but NYC - $26.? Yep - It looks worth it. Love the comparison to Clooney!