Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Emma Roberts Has Nothing On Me

Cool aunts are the bomb. I know because I have one. My “Auntie R” was and is such an influential part of my life. She’s had like a bazillion careers, knows something about every subject and has mad decorating and fashion skills...and that’s only for starters.

She lived next door to me during my formative years which meant I was brought along on lots of exciting journeys. This lady had a serious love for malls (now I know where I get it!). I remember going on shopping excursions together that lasted through lunch and dinner. Now keep in mind that when you are like 8 years old and have absolutely nothing going on...staying in the mall for hours and hours is brag worthy (it won’t evoke the same playground frenzy as RPatz would, but hey its up there).

It is from her that I get my love of restaurants within department stores. I’m obsessed with places that are tucked away in the back of the women’s shoe department or next to the men’s sportswear department that serve up things like soups, salads and quiches. Bloomingdales has Forty Carrots, Saks has Cafe SFA, Bergdorfs has BG Restaurant, and Neiman Marcus in Short Hills Mall has The NM Cafe.

I can’t go to Short Hills without stopping in The NM Cafe. The food is good but it is their Spiced Iced Tea that really gets me....that, and the complimentary stuff they give you before lunch. Instead of a bread basket, they start you off with homemade monkey bread and a side crock of strawberry butter. Oh and the monkey bread is warm. Perfection? Pretty much. They also give you this tiny mug of warmed chicken broth with a cheddar crouton on the side. So calming. So comforting. So darn cute!

I’m an iced tea snob (thanks Auntie) and Neiman’s spiced iced tea is one of my favorite restaurant drinks. It tastes like a combo of mulled cider with spices like cloves and cinnamon combined with iced cold tea. The glass is always adorned with a lemon, lime and orange slice because isn’t it more fun when your drink is pretty?!?

Do you all have an Aunt Julia or Auntie R in your lives? I sure hope so. I’m grateful for mine each and every day. HUGS AUNTIE!

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  1. Gena I know your Auntie R and you are right you are a lucky girl to have her in your life. I love your blog...I feel like I am eating what you are describing (I certainly wish that I was eating it). Keep up the great work. Love, Kathy from CA