Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fish Feast

I mentioned a fave of crab with mustard sauce earlier this week, which came from The Lobster House in Cape May.

When it comes to seaside atmosphere, you can't do better than The Lobster House. The restaurant is located on a pier overlooking the harbor and features clocks from old ships and captain's chairs in the decor. On the menu you can choose from nearly any seafood you desire - from calamari to clams to crab to scallops - it's all here. And of course, LOBSTER! (Oh and if you're a landlubber, they have beef).

{perfect starter of homemade onion bread.}

{the infamous crab with mustard.}

{fried oysters. Wow.}

{stuffed shrimp which were tasty but not quite as good as the fried oysters.}

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  1. The fried oysters were insane. Never quite seen oysters that big!! :)