Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread

I've never tried to make homemade bread. The task always seemed too big to handle and quite intimidating. However, when I saw this post on a blog I read frequently, I knew I must get over my fear.

Turns out, the bread was not as tricky as I thought and it was so delicious that I may never return to eating store bought bread again. In fact, I'm already searching for what bread recipe to make next!

{Make the dough and let it rise. Easy peasy.}

{Roll the dough out, cut it into strips and brush with butter and cinnamon sugar.}

{Make stackable squares and put them in the baking pan for a second rise.}

{Viola - Perfectly baked bread that you don't even need to can just be pulled apart and be devoured quickly!}


  1. Ummmmm seriously G-Doll? This looked SOO good that I printed out the recipe and can't WAIT to make it. Maybe Anh and the boys will be the lucky recipients when they come see me next week!? The blog looks great....keep it up!
    Buffalo Love to you and Mike!!