Thursday, March 3, 2011

Family Devotion

I consider myself to be a fiercely loyal person. So naturally I love when a restaurant makes it easy to be a loyal customer. Case in point: La Famiglia.

I’ve talked about them before because of their uber tasty meatballs. This time around, we figured we’d try something different. That meant an appetizer of broccoli rabe with hot peppers, main dishes of lamb and fish with a side of pasta, and a shared rum cake dessert.

Verdict? This restaurant has proven again and again they have some of tastiest, freshest food at veryyyy reasonable prices. AND, someone we know who used to work there said the kitchen is so clean you could eat off the floor. Love, Love, Love La Famiglia.

In case you want two more facts that make this place outstanding: (1) You'll adore the convivial atmosphere (they succeed in making you feel like part of the “family”); and (2) the rum cake was one of the greatest creations in dessert we’ve ever tasted. It made us return the following week only to find out it was sold out. Oh well, I guess that means we’re heading there again soon…..

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