Monday, November 15, 2010

Liquor with Breakfast

You know the restaurant that you KNOW is there? The one you drive by a billion times, hear about constantly, and keep telling yourself to try but somehow never get there?!

That was the case with me and Toast in Montclair. I was conscious of it but kept passing it by. Turns out that was a HUGE mistake. A recent weekday lunch of an omelet with crab, asparagus, and outstanding homemade hollandaise was fantastic and will keep me going back:

The cozy two story building that used to be home to Top Notch Restaurant has been turned into a quaint space with an adorable theme of “peace, love and pancakes” (you can buy a T-shirt with the slogan too!) A quick glance at the weekend breakfast menu and I made a mental note to go back for a breakfast of grilled cinnamon buns with a large mimosa. Apparently, guests bring in champagne and this is one of the only BYO breakfast restaurants in the state!

Liquor with breakfast? What more could you want?!

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  1. If I had one more day in my Jersey visit (and a babysitter for the afternoon after the champagne brunch), I would insist that we go! that omelet looks DELICIOUS!