Friday, November 5, 2010

Island-y Enjoyment

I absolutely adore restaurants that make me feel like I’m on vacation. After eating at Bahama Breeze recently, I think that is the precise reason I’m suddenly enamored.

Yes, yes..I know it is a giant chain Caribbean-themed restaurant that has its own beer ( Aruba Red). But sometimes chain restaurants are just plain old fun, right? (See examples here, here and here.)

Bahama Breeze is truly like a restaurant you stumbled across during your last visit to the beach. You know the place...with its bustling outdoor patio and the guitarist strumming tropical tunes, a mile-long bar that serves by-the-gallon tropical drinks with little umbrellas, and an atmosphere filled with people having good times?

The food is certainly not gourmet but it is pretty dang tasty. Our quesadilla appetizer was filled with steamed lobster, shrimp, spinach and cheese and served with tomato salsa and sour cream. Mass produced or not, it was yummy.

Dinners included pan-seared salmon with lemon butter sauce and Jamaican grilled chicken. All in all – two thumbs up.

Palm Trees? check. Bamboo? check. Silly tropical drinks? check. Wait staff in Hawaiin shirts? check. Good food? check.

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  1. While you guys have cake, New York and many many excellent BYOB bistros - we don't exactly
    do without. Here in Florida we have Bahama Breeze-esque places aplenty to Happy Hour and eat. With our tan shoulders, we women in our silk floral minis and guys in Tommy B shirts, artfully holding our Pomegrante martinis and keeping the beat to a reggae band or Hot Music playing DJ - there actually is quite a few good restaurants with great food. We belong to The GAB BROUP which entitles us to all Grand restaurant and gallery openings with COMPLIMENTARY OPEN BAR and passed Hor d' Oeuvres. We've been to 2 this month so far and have a big one this Friday. Better not lose my gym membership!