Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Sometimes you just can't resist these little burgers:

If only we could have stopped at just one.

What can I say? You know I love burgers (evidence here, here and most recently, here!)


  1. You know, they're only like 130 calories a piece..... :)

  2. This brought back so many wonderful memories of my dancing days
    way - back - when.
    At 2 in the morning, after The Meadowbrook
    or Joey Harrison's or maybe coming in from
    the city after a club night at Studio 54, Area, Visage, Nepentha, our group would
    stop on the Ave for our Castles - sometimes someone would have a bottle of champagne (the best duo!)in their car cooler. We would sit in the parking lot, talking and munching
    those little burgers and fries until the birdies would start to sing.. run home, shower and get to our jobs if it wasn't a weekend and it usually wasn't! Now adays when I get the urge I pick up a couple of boxes, whip out the old steamer (They taste like the real deal that way) and just steam those babies until perfection. I can hear the strains of that
    era's music now.....