Friday, November 19, 2010

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Remember my infatuation with Food Trucks (here and here)?

It continues each and every time I desire ice cream. I don't want to go to the local supermarket to purchase a container from the freezer case. Boooooring. What I want is a drippy ice cream cone straight from the Van Leeuwuen truck in New York City.

I hear Van Leeuwen is the real deal in ice cream. A pure custard base simply derived from three primary sources: cow, cane sugar, and chickens. Hormone-free milk and untampered eggs pay off in the form of delicious flavor varieties like Giandujia, Red Currant, and Peppermint and Chip.

I’m also TOTALLY obsessed with everything from their vintage looking logo, to their truck in the prettiest shade of pale yellow, to the charming interior of their Brooklyn store (Google it), and the sheer adorableness of the founders themselves (see photo).

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