Wednesday, June 30, 2010

La Famiglia

I'm a cheater, a fraudster, a trickster. Never thought of myself that way but now I'm copping to it. This past weekend I cheated on La Sicilia. What kind of loyalty is that after I just posted about them twice? Jeez.

The thing is I'm a pasta girl. I simply can't resist it. Some people can't live with out cigarettes or coffee; I can't be without my rigatoni. So when my brother "D" mentioned that he heard through the grapevine that a little place in Bogota, NJ called La Famiglia had better meatballs than La Sicilia, I had to see if it was true. My mind immediately started churning with thoughts of tomato sauce, meatballs and pasta (BTW, that would probably be my last meal choice).

It was a tough competition and I can't really pick a winner. La Famiglia did have one of the best meatballs I have ever tasted in a restaurant. Tender, soft and breaking apart with the gentlest touch of a fork, these guys were delectable. They are the kind of meatballs I will dream about. They are the kind of meatballs I will be driving 20 miles out of my way to get. Frequently.

Oh and the pasta....good lord...the homemade, hand rolled cavatelli were out of this world. They were tossed in a fresh tomato sauce with basil that tasted like a little Italian grandmother just crushed the tomatoes. Really frickin' good. The restaurant is BYO too (which is great when your hubby has tons of wine at home!!).

Michael ordered a special of soft shell crabs in garlic and oil served over those same unbelievable cavatelli. Think he enjoyed it?

My family is so insane that once we told my brother we went to La Famiglia and how good it was, he insisted we go back with a group the following night so he could try it. As solid contributors to the insanity, we agreed.

I have never been to Rome but in my dreams the pasta there tastes just like La Famiglia's cavatelli. You should go there, "mangia", and see for yourself. One last thing - - - - please don't tell anyone I'm a turncoat.

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