Monday, September 13, 2010

Heart-poundingly Good

It is no surprise I love Morandi, the Italian restaurant belonging to Keith McNally. After all....he is the genius behind Minetta Tavern and we know how I feel about Minetta (hear my heart beating loudly?)

I see a pattern here with McNally restaurants which amounts to simple math: x (cram them in) times y (turn them over) equals z (money machine). Did I mention that the mathematic formula also uses delicious, reliable food?! I’ve been to Morandi a few times and sampled a bunch of menu items - Sicilian style meatballs with pine nuts and raisins, lightly fried artichokes, escarole salad with fava beans, Cacio e Pepe pasta and the spicy grilled chicken with chilies (Pollo alla Diavola). I’m happy to report the food is always mouthwateringly delicious. My husband loved the Pollo alla Diavola so much he tried to make it at home more than once.

Last visit, I ordered a light appetizer for dinner – the hand stretched focaccia caprese. Superb? You bet ya.

Keith, my friend, it seems you can do no wrong.

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