Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One of the Best Things I Ever Ate

You know that show on Food TV "The Best Thing I Ever Ate"? If not, check it out...you'll want to devour your television screen. The show inspired me to tell you about one of the best things I've ever eaten and it actually happened recently.

On our last trip to Borgata (sick of hearing about this place yet?!), we visited Fornelletto Cucina. My hubby ordered the appetizer of Chicken Liver Crostini. I'm really not a liver girl so I didn't think I would care for 'em. Turns out I was WRONG WRONG WRONG. After one bite of his, I summoned the waitress and ordered my own. They were that delicious. that creamy. that flavorful. that sumptious.

I'm a little scared they won't be on the menu next time because the waitress explained that Chef Kalt likes to change the menu, uh, frequently. "Don't get addicted because things disappear from the menu," she warned us.

Too late. I'm hooked and will be looking for those crostini on my next trip to Borgata and praying that they'll be there!!!


  1. Those things were seriously insane!!!

  2. I think my generation remembers the days when our parents would buy the whole chicken and take out the insides, gizzards, chicken livers and fry them with plenty of butter and onions. The aroma would permeate the entire house and we would all come scrambling to have them smashed on fresh bought hot bakery bread.
    Being the little rogue that I was - I knew to sneak a guzzle of my Father's red wine to wash it down - I must have been 10 years old!