Friday, September 3, 2010

Meat Magic

In yesterday’s post I expressed my deep feelings for Wegmans. Normally when I shout out loud how much I love someone else, my hubby would be jealous. It doesn't happen with Wegmans...simply because he loves it just as much as I do!!

We took a trip there this weekend for dry aged beef so we could make a burger at home like the Minetta burger.

Our attempt was pretty successful. While we certainly didn’t duplicate the Black Label Burger exactly (we refused to used 10 gallons of clarified butter), I’d say we came pretty close to at home burger perfection. I think the balsamic carmelized onions added insane flavor with the dry aged meat.

Step 1 - form patties with dry aged beef that you grind yourself:

Step 2 - Cook burger in a cast iron skillet to rare and top with Cheddar:

Step 3 - Add balsamic carmelized onions:

Step 4 – call/text/email Michael if you need more info. I can be of no assistance! haha

P.S. – Why am I saying “we” throughout this post!? Truth is – it was all Michael! I had nothing to do with burger execution aside from watching my husband work his magic.

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  1. I do concede that it was an excellent burger. All those who want to replicate *must* invest in a proper cast iron skillet and *must* let it get raging hot before plopping the burgers in. Otherwise, your burgs are doomed.