Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Borgata Replay

If you recall, I had a stellar Borgata experience not too long ago. I’m tickled pink to announce it happened again this past weekend (at the same restaurant too!)

My in-laws were great company on our day trip and they must be a good luck charm for my hubby. Any time they are with us, he hits the slots! Yippee. Free dinner.

Squeezed in a little shoe shopping/browsing. How could I pass up this display?

Grabbed a glass of vino with the hubby at the gorgeous wine bar Fornelletto.

Ate mouth watering food at Wolfgang for dinner like Spicy Lamb Chorizo Pizza with tomatoes, shaved white onion and cilantro - yum. My in-laws always share the burger since its so ginormous and delish.

We admired the wine wall too!

Saw a comedy show featuring the hysterical Kevin Meaney!

Between the exquisite property, the wonderful food, the fantastic show, and the excellent service I would’ve been content to never return home. Sigh.

P.S. In case you're reading this Mr. Puck, I love you and your food.

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