Monday, July 12, 2010

Greek Gods

Have you heard of Dionysus and Demeter? They’re the Greek gods of wine and food and I think they might have something to do with Avra Restaurant in New York City.

Do gods cook? Because if they do, Dionysus and Demeter are behind the stoves at this East Side Manhattan hotspot. This sublime restaurant has a breezy atmosphere and serves, in my hubby’s opinion, some of the best Greek in the city. With white walls and an open kitchen, it reminds you immediately of fresh fish and the Mediterranean.....clever--since uber fresh fish is exactly what they are known for!

Mom and I lunched there a few weeks ago on the price fixe menu. The food was spot on (as usual) and you honestly can’t beat the price of $29 for three huge courses.

Things like hummus and olives, super fresh flavorful tomato salad, Greek style chicken with tzatziki alongisde fries with lemon and oregano, and homemade cookies were gifts from the culinary gods:

If you don’t have the cash for that hefty down payment on a villa in the Greek Isles or for a Mykonos vacation, then go eat at Avra. You’ll forget that the azure waters of the Mediterranean aren’t right outside the door!

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  1. Avra is excellent! Only place with better grilled octopus is Milos. :)