Friday, August 27, 2010

Food on Wheels

Food trucks seem to be everywhere these days. Remember I posted about this one in Los Angeles?

Well, among the gazillion in New York City, I’m dying to try Schnitzel & Things . They serve......wait for it.......schnitzel platters with two sides! Sides include stuff like Austrian potato salad or roasted beets with feta. My stomach is growling.

And are you all watching this show? It’s pretty good.
Long live the food truck revolution!


  1. Let me know when you decide to go - I've always wanted to try it and would love to meet you there!

  2. This is just the coolest idea
    Your heart's (rather your stomach's) desire
    on wheels - Possibilities Endless..
    Now if Melissa and her BAKED BY MELISSA bring their cupcakes via truck to Florida I'd surely think I died and went to Heaven.
    See fellow blogger CUPCAKES TAKE THE CAKE