Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tribute to Ted

I’ve posted previously about my in-laws and diners here. My father-in-law has always said good things about the Pompton Queen Diner in Pompton Plains, NJ...and since we were in that area this weekend, we stopped there for a quick lunch.

The place is pretty and looks more like a rustic lodge than a diner. Check out the nice murals painted on the walls:

Mike’s order - Chicken Club with Sweet Potato Fries. I didn’t taste the sandwich, but the hubs seemed satisfied. I did try a French fry and will say they were better than the ordinary sweet potato fry. Really crispy.

Gena’s order – Cup of Matzah Soup and small salad with little bits of Salami and Provolone. Great fresh food for the price. The salad dressing tasted homemade too, which is unusual for a diner.

Oh and the iced tea was really good! Maybe we should listen to Ted more often :-)

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