Saturday, July 24, 2010

Premiere Party (Mad Men)

Yes, yes, it’s finally here – the Season 4 Premiere of Mad Men. Oh how we missed you Don Draper! In honor of Don and Betty, I'm hosting a formal dinner party - Mad Men Style. You're all invited......

With the amount of boozing that occurs on Mad Men (it seems as if someone pours a cocktail in just about every scene), I figured a kick ass bar cart with a bevy of liquors would be a necessity. A Mad Men-themed dinner party would never be complete without a strong supplement of cocktails!

Betty and Don enjoy plenty of formal dinners on the show. I'm planning on the all-American allure of red meat and a touch of class, so you'll be eating Beef Wellington, Creamed Spinach, and Potatoes Gratin. For dessert? Why, the retro favorite Baked Alaska of course! Most importantly, now is the time to pull out my good china, best serving platters, fancy tablecloths and fabric napkins. Betty wouldn’t have scrimped, so I'm not going to either.

Cigarettes, lots and lots of cigarettes. Lucky Strikes are preferred, as that is a Sterling Cooper advertising account!

Make sure you dress to impress. Suits are preferable for men (but nice slacks and a dress shirt would be ok too) and party dresses for the ladies. Hats are strongly encouraged. Anyone in jeans will be sent home (my party, my rules).

I'll honor Betty with this ensemble:

Hope you all aren't sick from all that drinking, rich food and smoking. Thanks for coming!


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