Monday, July 26, 2010

Portale Perfection

It’s that time of year again....NYC Restaurant Week, which means three course lunches for $24!!!

Course One: Fava Bean Risotto with red scallion, mascarpone and English peas.
Course Two: Roasted Scottish Salmon with shaved sugar snap peas and fregula sarda dressed with a fines herbes vinaigrette.
Course Three: Vanilla Sour Cream Mousse with seasonal berries

Where? The grand cafe in Greenwich Village with classic American fare - Gotham Bar and Grill. I adore the cocoon of informal but informed service and return each year to eat Mr. Portale’s relentlessly perfect entrees.

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  1. I believe in Love and I believe in Serendipity
    and I believe that certain things are meant to be part of your life's experience. There are restaurants and then there is THE GOTHAM. There are Highs and Lows in your Life - Trudging through one of our lows, the late 90's, found us in NYC attending an exhibition and just wandering around the city. We realized we were hungry but Where oh where
    to go with a rather (ahem) lean wallet?
    We happened upon the THE GOTHAM. With noses pressed up againt the glass and thoughts of what gastronomic pleasures must lie within,
    I suddenly remembered a sizable Amex gift
    card tucked deep in my wallet that someone
    had given us. Once seated inside under those dreamy mollusk feeling overhead lamps - I
    sat dazed start to finish. I remember silky creamed corn soup, stacked porcini mushroom salads, a yellowfin tuna that someone must have caught just hours before, a Chardonnay chilled to absolute perfection, a floral box of an array of all things chocolate and the Coup de gras - Mark leaning over and whispering that the waiters were speaking and taking orders from the restaurant patrons in several languages. If our world had ended right then and there - really - it would have been ok...