Saturday, July 10, 2010

Joys of Summer

Here in Jerz when summer rolls around tons of towns offer a summer concert series – basically for the month of July a different band or group plays a free concert each week in the local town square or park.

Verona kicked off theirs last night with Bobby & The Jets and their Elton John tribute. It rocked.

Better than the music though was the fact that the ice cream truck was parked right there in the town square the entire time! When I was a kid, there was no sound better than the chime of an ice cream truck. My order was always the same (Toasted Almond Bar), but I took great pleasure in the selection process and always had to check out all of the different treats before settling on my usual.

I’m near 40 now but I still took the same childish delight in my Toasted Almond bar. Ahhhhh, sweet sweet summer.

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  1. Ahh.. you are sooo right. Our friend Walter is visitng us from The Jerz this weekend
    and last night we took a walk around Mizner
    Park after dinner. When Walter said "OK who's in for ice cream?" Who could resist?
    SLOANS a true ice cream confectionary with cakes, candy (think everlasting gobstoppers) and home made ice cream offer a dazzling array of choices. I opted for Cherry Vanilla Chocolate Chip ice cream in a waffle cone, Walter their fresh peach in a waffle cone and Mark, well he rightously retorted "I am on a diet" - uh...hey Markie what about those jalapeno jack burgers and mound of fries you had for dinner? Hooboy - that guy!