Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Love

Ok, so apparently I’ve been missing out. I knew nothing about the original Biggie’s Clam Bar in Hoboken.....and I am a clam lover. I could eat them all day long by the bucket load. They must be cooked though (I’m not a raw girl).

Biggie’s has two locations –one in Hoboken and another in Asbury Park and they just opened a third location in Carlstadt last month. We tried the Carlstadt location recently and I’ve been fighting the urge to go back to daily. Honestly.

It is a casual, roomy, wood and brick restaurant serving up clams on the half shell, roasted clams, steamed clams, whole-belly fried clams, clams oreganata, scallops and steamed mussels. Basically, Clam Heaven!!!!!!!!! If you are a raw bar person, have no fear there’s plenty of that freshly shucked stuff too like oysters on the half shell. You can check out the entire menu here.

The food on our table consisted of an appetizer of whole-belly fried clams (quite possibly one of the best versions ever. Tender and juicy, but crisp on the outside with a really tasty remoulade dipping sauce). Since one of Mike’s favorite things on the planet earth is soft shell crab, he ordered the evening special soft shell crab sandwich. I had steamers in beer for dinner with some corn on the cob on the side. There might have been some waffle fries on our table too....

I simply can’t wait to go back to this boardwalk-style seafood restaurant. In the winter when it is zero below and snowing, the thought of being able to go order tons of steamers is filling my soul with sheer delight!

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  1. This place looks AMAZING....
    If there is one thing that I am absolutely
    C-R-A-Z-Y about-it is whole belly fried clams.
    I actually could eat them every other day.
    Starting with oysters on the half shell,
    that corn on the cob there looks mighty
    tasty, waffle fries - YES - some crusty warm bread dripping with butter and an iced Corona with a fat wedge of lime. I am so there....