Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On the Rocks

I have a mild iced coffee addiction for which I blame my husband. I never really drank the stuff be it warm or cold until I met him. He’s a guy needs coffee every morning and he never drinks it hot unless it is espresso.

We hit all the usual coffee spots for icy drinks frequently. Recently we discovered Greenberry’s Coffee & Tea Company in Wayne, NJ. Adorable shop. Great iced coffee!

Yay – another place to order coffee on the rocks. Icy cold. Just the way we like it!


  1. Well, here I was just settling in at my desk after my very early morning Zumba class and tackling the never ending bill paying and attempt to finish an article I am writing.
    With my lukewarm reheated cup of java on hand I decided to L-e-t M-e J-u-s-t check in with
    THE GREEDY PALATE and see what that Food Maniac is up to and POOF- the next thing I knew, I was sitting on BEYOND THE BAGEL'S patio sipping an iced coffee (extra large)
    and a fresh made sunflower seed bagel with strawberry cream cheese. Such is the power
    of suggestion! The day is breezy and sunny
    and sitting under their bright azure umbrellas I think back to when I had my little sidekick, my yorkie teacup, Summer with me. Although
    my heart is indeed broken, I have to smile
    and remember all 2 pounds of her chasing the birds away when crumbs from my mornings breakfast would fall to the ground and I
    think how blessed we are to be able to enjoy something so simple as an iced coffee and
    the memory of those we shared it with....

  2. OMG G! Greenberry Coffee ---- my weekend coffee joint of choice when we lived in our apartment in Arlington and my iced coffee and frozen yogurt spot of choice for work snacks!!!! SISTERS!!!!!