Friday, June 18, 2010

B is for Borgata, Bliss, Buddy, Belly, Band and Bloody Mary!

Did you ever feel sooo unbelievably happy for an extended period of time that when the happy wears off you actually experience a “happy hangover?” You might chuckle, but it IS possible my friends. It happened to me earlier this week.

You see whenever the “B” word (Borgata) is involved I seem to be so elated during my stay there that when I return home, I’m tired and my head actually hurts. Sometimes there’s even a little nausea thrown in. Yes, r-e-a-l-l-y.

If you have ever been to Borgata then you’ll probably agree with everything I’m saying. If you haven’t, let me school you. When the Borgata Hotel and Casino opened a few years ago, it proclaimed itself “YOUR HAPPY PLACE.” They use this clever marketing slogan on notepads, mail advertisements, and when you log onto their website there is even a link that says “take me to my happy place” so you can book a room. I’m living proof that this is accurate marketing. Borgata will honestly make you so f*&#ing happy you will want to break into song and dance right there in the middle of the casino.

Granted, I am wee bit biased because this is where one of the most monumentous events in my life took place. Ready? I GOT ENGAGED THERE (flashback of me looking down at my hand and the ring, being all, really? this ring is for ME? awwwwww). I only associate the place with happy happy times. And until recently I’ve only shared Borgata experiences with my hubby, in-laws and parents. That all changed when my girlfriend “ALJ” and I came up with using this spot for a catch up session (we live in different states) and a girl's night of pure fun (thus the happy hangover mentioned earlier).

Our trip started off gabbing over lunch at Metropolitan. This is one of Borgata’s casual restaurants that offers contemporary and classic American foods replete with an oyster bar! Time for our order: “Garcon, may we have one order of Buffalo Wings, one Asian Chicken Salad, and two Bloody Marys please. Thank you.” Food was delivered and yes, it was delicious. Maybe not the best food on the planet, but remember you are on the Borgata Happy High so everything tastes better than normal! The buffalo wings were greaseless and came with the traditional crock of blue cheese and celery sticks (love that). The Asian Chicken salad consisted of tender chicken breast served over napa cabbage, romaine, watercress, carrots, and then topped with crispy wonton strips all dressed up in a citrus ginger vinaigrette.

Sadly because we were starving we dug in and forgot to take food photos. I know. I know. This is a food blog. I’m sorry :-( All I took is a slot machine photo of the machine I won on.

After playing some Sex And The City Slots (and hitting a jackpot), we shopped here. Eventually we moved on to having cocktails in The Sunroom at The Water Club. The Water Club is Borgata’s newest tower and The Sunroom is located in the Water Club lobby behind the front desk. It is an area infused with sunlight that connects to the outdoor pools. Decorated with elegant gardens, it also features a perpetual cascade of water along a very long stone wall, which makes for a great serene soundscape! We ordered two champagne cocktails and it would be hard for me to tell you this all doesn’t equal sheer bliss...I mean we were lounging near a waterfall drinking champagne at 5 in the afternoon!!! Are ya kidding?

Ahhhh slots:

gorgeous Water Club Lobby (long sighhhhh):

refreshing Champagne Cocktail:

As if all of the above didn’t leave us giddy enough, the fun continued. Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 of this post to hear about our yummy dinner at Wolfgang Puck, the band that made us stay out wayyy past curfew, and our return trip to Metropolitan for yet another meal.....

P.S. – I’m experiencing some residual Happy High just writing this post. Hope you are too ALJ!

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