Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Repeat Offenders

Remember how I talked here about my love of La Sicilia and their hot pepper appetizer? Well, take a look at the bad boys below. Don’t they look heavenly? (you can stare, it’s ok)

We couldn’t stay away for long so we returned for more deliciousness this past week. This time around my husband ordered the Lobster Fra Diavlo dinner and I had an eggplant parm sandwich. Their food is so freakin’ good it isn’t even funny.
Look at this lobster over pasta:

Not only was the food beyond tasty, the dinner bill came to $35! I mean, if that doesn’t make you want to eat there I don’t know what will.

1 comment:

  1. Gena, you're killing me.
    While yes, absolutely, we have some mighty great restaurants down here in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, Boca and Delray for sure, it seems that at every turn up in my old neck of the woods "THE JERZ, the competition is in full throttle to be "one up" on the lastest hottest restaurant/bistro/dining venues.
    Good for us Foodies - And Good for the chefs for fine tuning their culinary skills.
    Pul-heeze put La Sicilia on the roster for our visit in July - OH that plate of peppers in aioli has got me drooling..
    Umm -It's time for lunch-Bye!