Saturday, June 26, 2010

Premiere Party (Entourage)

Anyone who knows me knows about my TV addiction. It’s bad. Really bad (the DVR is constantly full). In my head I sometimes think of the cast of General Hospital, Glee, or the Top Chef contestants as my friends. Crazy? check.

So I figured I would start a Premiere Party feature on the blog when one of my shows is kicking off a new season. Granted I’m not really having a party (just like I’m not really hanging out with Rachel Berry) but sometimes its fun to cook stuff up in your mind.

So here goes what I would do were I entertaining for the premiere of Entourage - Season 7 this Sunday on HBO!

The first order of business would be to have plenty of Hollywood balloons inside and out so folks know where the party is:

I think Vince and the boys would approve of ice cold beers as the beverage of choice served up in buckets with the characters names (Ari, Drama, Turtle, E):

Mini pizzas would make great party food served on these California chic paper plates!

Since money is no object for this imaginary get together, I would hand out party favors of aviator shades to all the guests:

Last but not least I would love to channel Sloan's character in my party attire with something cool and breezy:

Oh yeah, and once we were all stupid drunk from playing the Entourage Drinking Game and shouting things like Let's Hug It Out B*tch, Llllloyd and VICTORYYYYYY DRAMA, we'd need plenty of these for snacking:

Ahhh, if only.

P.S. - Watch the Entourage Season 7 trailer here. The only thing I know about the upcoming season is that Vince cut his hair (GASP!!)


  1. OH MY GAWD (said in the tone of Chandlers
    off and on girfriend Janice on FRIENDS.
    This is the BEST yet! We are committed to Dancing with The Stars, Castle and Project Runway - me (Mark wants no part of it) New Jersey Housewives and are pretty deprived
    of the drama and characters we grow to love and hate after seasons end - so here is a program we can sink our teeth into, along
    with those luscious looking little pizzas
    and fab food finds that keep turning up on
    The Greedy Palate. VERY inspiring photos.
    I am ready for a party!
    Because General Hospital was mentioned, we
    attended Luke and Laura's wedding (in our minds) with a big party 25 years ago.
    Caviar creme fraiche toast points, chicken
    three pepper, five bean chili and champagne.
    And TWO of Janet Oscar's chocolate layer cakes!


  2. LOVE this idea! So much fun to do these premiere party brainstorms! xoxoxo