Monday, June 21, 2010

Order Up!

I looooove me some Italian food. My husband loves Greek food. My mother loves French food. You get the picture....

My in-laws? They love the diner. Any good diner within a 20 mile radius and chances are they’ve been there. My father-in-law is totally on a first name basis at his regular diner with all the waitstaff!! So when Father’s Day rolled around, we figured what better place than to take my hubby’s daddy but guessed it...THE DINER!!!

The Pilgrim Diner was quite crowded and there was a little wait due to all the dads out celebrating, but their food is always worth it. High turnover means fresh food and that’s what you want in a diner; that and good service. I think Pilgrim managed both on a very busy day.

Wondering if a diner in North Jersey is any good? Leave a comment on the blog and I’ll check with my in-laws. Seriously, they would probably know :-)

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