Saturday, June 19, 2010

B is for Borgata, Bliss, Buddy, Belly, Band and Bloody Mary! (Part Deux)

When we last left off, ALJ and I were drinking champagne at 5 o’clock. Oh how I miss Borgata....

After we departed The Sunroom it was time to rest and freshen up before dinner. It is sort of absurd to say we needed to “rest” before eating again. I mean, up until this point, we had done nothing but eat, gamble, shop, and drink!!! (See why you all need to visit Borgata?)

The room brought us a change of clothes and we re-emerged onto the casino floor at 8pm ready to eat again. We were having dinner at Wolfgang Puck American Grille.

The restaurant has a Tavern section and a Dining Room section (separate menus). We opted for the Tavern because the environment is irresistable – a terrace set a step above the gaming floor. I should add that I would like my home to be decorated like this restaurant! Look:

After we ordered our bottle of New Zealand Sauv Blanc to share with dinner, we put in an order for the appetizer of the Antipasto Plate for Two and two entrees that we would share...Almond Crusted Salmon over Potato Puree in a Red Wine Reduction and a house made Fettucine with Tomato and Serrano Ham Sauce.

The Antipasto was served on a large round plate and had some porchetta, salami, olives, eggplant caponata, beets with goat cheese and anchovies with grilled bread for mopping up all the deliciousness. My favorite was these tiny white pearl onions that had been grilled and marinated. Perfect appetizer with the wine.
Our entrees came out and they were picture perfect. Once again I forgot to take entree photos (sorry, blame the wine). But I did manage to take a photo of the empty plate with NOTHING ON IT because everything was delectable. I’m still wondering how I could replicate the pasta dish in my own kitchen. Guess it will never happen and that’s why he is Wolfgang Puck!

Sadly we had to pass on dessert because we just didn’t have an inch of room left.

After dinner we were strolling through the hotel and passed by Gypsy Bar. Could a few nightcap drinks hurt while we listened to the band play a few songs? Turns out Loudmouth Band was SO GOOD that we found ourselves planning a trip back to Borgata just to listen to them again! They are worth seeing if you live in the area. You can check their tour dates here.

The end of our twenty four hour bliss came at 11am the next morning when it was time check out. Borgata has so many choices for breakfast that it is often hard to decide. Metropolitan, The Borgata Buffet, Bread & Butter or Roma...hmmm. Feeling sentimental, we chose to end where we started, back at Metropolitan.

More food sharing (a girl thing). We ordered a fried egg sandwich and the Spicy Scramble: scrambled eggs, monterey jack cheese, chorizo sausage and ham served with home fries and toast. The Spicy Scramble won me over and the home fries were some of the best I’ve had. I’m usually not a fan of heavy greasy potatoes in the morning, but these were individual fried potato cubes that were really yummy! We made the right choice coming full circle and finishing up our trip at Metropolitan.

Common sense would tell you that we didn’t want to leave this gastronomic getaway. I will always have the memories though –

Glee tunes playin’ on the Ipod
The blinged out bag I bought with slot winnings
A placemat full of notes from our Wolfgang dinner
Singing Sweet Caroline with Loudmouth Band (and young Mike)
Cocktail breaks
Late night internet session
Talking, talking and more talking

Good times. Such good times.

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