Monday, August 2, 2010

Familiar Tastes

Sometimes I miss my Italian grandma. My dad’s mom was the most awesome cook. Her name was Albina (how Italian can ya get?!) and her food was the stuff that you’ll never duplicate now matter how hard you try. Hey, at least I have the memories.

When I really really miss her and want something that tastes like she made it, I go to A&S Pork Store in West Paterson. The owner Frank stocks the store butcher case with plenty of homemade sausages that will totally bring out your inner carnivore. He also offers tons of prepared foods....eggplant, manicotti, homemade mozzarella (delicious), hot peppers, fried olives, broccoli di rape, tomato sauce, stuffed sausage’s all here. He even has Pellegrino sodas and Italian bread directly from Brooklyn (combine this bread with the above mentioned mozzarella and you will lose your mind).

In a recent episode of the The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Chris and Albie went to A&S to stock up for some poker night snacks - $544 worth, to be exact. While you might think the show is rotten, you have to agree if you’ve ever seen it, that these people would know where to get good Italian food.

If you don’t believe me after all of the above, look here. A&S received the award for Best Italian Style Deli in North Jersey! Hungry yet? Go get a “Godfather Sandwich” stuffed with Ham, Prosciutto, Capicollo & Fresh Mozzarella and see for yourself. Guarantee you’ll go back again and again.

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  1. On top of the great food, you **will not** find a better cup of espresso anywhere else. Oh, and the eggplant rollatini is insane.