Saturday, August 21, 2010

Broadway Bound

I’ve walked past Insieme in The Michaelangelo Hotel many times on my NYC visits and have always wanted to eat there. Last week it was our lunch spot before seeing Jersey Boys on Broadway (the fabulousness of this show is a discussion for a whole other time!!!)

My appetizer, which was a pretty salad of delicate lettuces and shaved pieces of colorful baby vegetables, was bland and needed salt and pepper. Unfortunate. The main course of veal lasagna was more enjoyable. The thin sheets of homemade pasta were light as a feather, the veal ragu was flavorful, and the bright red tomato sauce was sweet and fresh. The sprinkling of fresh herbs on top added even more zest.

There are a billion NYC restaurants I'd like to try so I don't think I would run back here. The restaurant’s name (pronounced een-see-EM-ay) is the Italian word for together and if nothing else, I’m glad “E” and I could be together eating lasagna on a weekday afternoon.

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  1. Now THAT is my kind of salad - I just polished off a hunk of Artisan multi grain Brookyn bread from JOSEPH'S - Boca's answer to an Italian MARKET BASKET, joined with a fine tuned pesto, grape tomatoes and a fresh mozz - my Chard and I am in Seventh Heaven...Gena - I will definitly be in NY - second week in December get the NY culinary itinerate ready girl...

  2. Oh and what is more than delicious as having a break from the hum drum of your routine than to sneak away with one of your best buds and have a catch up lunch?? I'll be doing just that at MARIPOSA this Wednesday and we all know where THAT is! (Yeah - Popovers)