Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Minetta

No, I’m not done talking about this place yet.....

Yesterday I described that uber delicious Black Label Burger but we ordered two other items as appetizers (since 3 of us were dining) and I thought you might want to hear about them too:
* Roasted Bone Marrow with baguette soldiers and shallot confit.
* Pasta Za Za with pancetta, sage, parmesan and a fried egg.

The bones filled with marrow that arrived on a stark white plate were filled with gelatinous goodness that was crusty and caramelized. I must confess that the act of spreading the marrow on the crispy toasts and then topping it with the delectable shallot confit felt almost naughty. The large shin bones looked like something Fred Flintstone would eat and were simply irresistible because of the soft creamy marrow texture and amazingly deep flavor. Order them if you go!!

The Pasta Za Za is really a spaghetti carbonara of sorts. It’s the cheapest entree on the menu at $18 (though we ordered it as an app). The homemade fettuccine noodles were cooked perfectly al dente and glistening with the lard from the lardons of pancetta...and then further lubricated from the runny egg. Who wouldn’t like that?!? I’m a pasta addict (seriously - I need pasta lovers anonymous) so I would return to Minetta again and again for Za Za. Yes, I had the burger and loved it, but the Za Za below will be calling my name for a long time to come.....

Minetta does have the kind of mania surrounding it that, say, a new Twilight flick would. But if you want to experience the true essence of NYC in one single evening, Minetta Tavern is the place to do it.

P.S. – I should mention that they have the coolest ice I’ve ever seen. Very very large perfectly square cubes. Is it weird to be smitten with ice?


  1. ooooo - that pasta and egg dish....
    Markie can't keep up trying to duplicate some of these offerings on TGP - I mean it's not like we can walk out our front door and find ANYTHING like that down here - Thank God for Chef Dean Max - And on another front - no matter how sophisticated, reserved or well bred one may be - what is about succulent bones and their sweet marrow that reduces us to canis lupus! I know one family member "D" who I bet my bottom dollar would be ordering 2 plates of those babies...

  2. i will keep trying to entice you to come down for a visit with food until you make it down here. at this rate, the only thing we will do is eat eat eat eat and eat!

    this is one of my FAVORITE restaurants that i have eaten at here in d.c. it is right kitty corner from my doctor and dave and i have been there twice for "special lunches" after appointments. i <3 this place. also had tea there. delicious. i thought this would be the hook for you though - what with the bone marrow and all!