Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pizza Week (Tuesday)

Right behind Star Tavern pizza is my second favorite pie of all time – Frank Pepe’s Pizza in Yonkers, New York (the original is in New Haven, CT).

I’ve never been to the location in New Haven which is the only one with coal fired ovens, but my brother has. About a year ago, he saw a photo in GQ Magazine of Pepe’s pizza featured in this article and not shortly after he was on I-95 driving to Connecticut! Lucky for us Pepe’s has since opened a location in Yonkers which is about a 35 minute ride over the GWB and their pizza is beyond worth it.

Let me start by saying Pepe’s is always crowded and that makes a place more fun in my opinion. You can feel the anticipation of the customers ordering their pizza and watch the faces of the eager patrons waiting for their food while you stand in the long line. And once you see one of the pies placed on a table, all you can think about is when it will be your turn to eat!!!

The pizza at Pepe’s is thin and crispy and the tomato sauce has a minimum of spices. They have the traditional pie with mozzarella but my husband’s #1 choice is the Pepe’s Original without the oozy cheese....it’s just perfect crust, crushed tomato and grated cheese. (He ranks this above Star Tavern, but I’m not there yet). The thing that makes me lose my mind at Pepe’s is the White Clam Pie with Bacon. The clams are so fresh they dance in your mouth and the flavors of olive oil, fresh garlic, parsley and bacon just make this entire masterpiece quite irresistible. It is justifiably famous for a reason.

If you haven’t been to Pepe’s you don’t know what you are missing. It is ranked #12 on the list of the top 25 pizzas in the United States! GO.

(photos courtesy of Road Food)


  1. Pepe's is a special thing. Plus it is near the sort-of-busted casino/raceway in Yonkers. Makes for an interesting evening.

  2. That white clam pie (with bacon yet!)
    should be against the law.
    It looks soooooooo freakin' good!!!!!!!!
    I am going to have to rethink my trip up
    to NJ in December - I'll need a nights stay
    in Yonkers although after Michael's comment with a "sort of busted up casino raceway"
    uh...maybe I'll just take the drive....