Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ruhlman and Cheesecake

Do you know Michael Ruhlman? If not, you should!!! Mr. Ruhlman has written for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and is best known for his many books authored in collaboration with American chefs like Thomas Keller and Eric Ripert (double gasp). If that isn’t impressive enough, he is also a good friend of Anthony Bourdain and has appeared in some episodes of No Reservations with him. I’ve loved Ruhlman since seeing him with Bourdain on TV a while back and reading his blog. But what really makes him hold that special place in my heart is that he loves the Miso Salmon at Cheesecake Factory and admits it.

You see, last year Ruhlman made fun of author and journalist Kelly Alexander for writing an article in praise of Cheesecake Factory and she quickly issued a challenge to him via email: Go to Cheesecake, order the miso salmon and if you don’t think it is totally awesome, I will not only pay for your salmon but will personally buy 15 copies of your book Ratio. Ruhlman took the challenge and the rest is history. (You can read all about it here and here.)

To quote Ruhlman exactly, he describes the miso salmon like this: “The salmon was delicious–juicy, flavorful, excellent miso glaze, just the right amount of sweetness, the sauce was buttery/creamy...”. I 100% agree and so does my husband, who was ordering the dish long before I was.

On my recent lunch trip to Cheesecake Factory with my mom, we didn’t order the miso but rather some salads and an item from the new small plates menu (*LOVE*). I’m never let down at this mega chain restaurant. The food is always flavorful and something inside me just can’t resist the casino like grandeur of the restaurant’s interior.

P.S. – Attention Mr. Ruhlman or Mr. Ruhlman’s peeps if you are reading this, maybe you and Bourdain would like to join us on our next Cheesecake Factory trip?!? We always order the salmon and it could be like one big giant miso party!!!!!!

Think about it!

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