Thursday, August 19, 2010


C’mon people.....did you really think I’d be able to stay away after all that pizza blogging last week??!

And yes, it was as delicious as ever.

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  1. Well - here I was toiling away at my computer when I said "Hmmm - I wonder what that little minx is up to at TGP." Next thing I know the most enticing pie, bubbling with tomato sauce,
    thick with mozz, the crust reaching up and
    begging to be tasted and with just the right amount of "burn" on top is staring me in the face. Visions of the homemade Pizza the Markster whipped up the other night started racing through my brain and I think I remembered hiding a few slices in the back of the fridge (My guy never looks past the first
    3 inches of a refrigerator)
    Gee it IS 6:12 - time for my glass of Chard. Maybe just a teenie weenie taste pre-dinner.
    By the way Is Ralph's in Nutley out of the Pizza mix? That was our favorite when residing in the many memories...