Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pizza Week (Wednesday)

I’m sure you could have guessed that the Palermo Pie at La Sicilia in Belleville, NJ would make my favorite pizza list, right? I mean I’ve posted about the restaurant two times already (here and here).

We always start off with a slice or two of Palermo Pie as an appetizer at this restaurant. I usually don’t get the pizza for dinner because La Sicilia entrees are too delicious to pass up! Yep, you did read that correctly....I pig out and order pizza BEFORE my dinner.

Palermo Pie is the perfect blend of fresh mozzarella under a heavy dose of tomato sauce with garlic and grated cheese. It’s NOT your ordinary neighborhood pizzeria stuff. It is a total balance of flavors and the tomatoey sauce would taste good on just about anything (I swear).

I’m not alone in my love of Palermo Pie. It recently made the list of the Munchmobile’s top 6 pizzas!

Read more about La Sicilia in this article.

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  1. La Sicilia is an incredibly special place. Not only is that pizza a standout, but Joe's Long Hot Peppers could start a religion. Same goes for the Lobster Fra Diavolo.....

  2. Lobster Fra Diablo? Sigh.........