Monday, August 2, 2010

Daily Treat

I can totally see why people move to Ridgewood, NJ. It has old-world charm, excellent schools, and an easy commute to Manhattan. However, one of the reasons I visit this vibrant downtown often is to eat a Greek Salad at The Daily Treat Restaurant.

Granted, in this town dining options abound with a restaurant to match just about any food mood. I love the simplicity of The Daily Treat though. It delivers diner comfort food nicely. EVERY SINGLE TIME (which is so important). Did you ever go somewhere, order something you like, go back again, and get that same entree but it is different than the first time you had it?! That drives me crazy. I like returning to The Daily Treat and getting my Greek salad the same way each time. Always fresh and delicious.

If you are in Ridgewood and find yourself dizzy from all of the restaurant choices, head for The Daily Treat. With their diner like menu, there is something for everyone and if you don’t know what to order - get the Greek Salad :-)

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