Sunday, August 8, 2010

Singing Sundaes

They call it “Dessert Theater” and I call it one of the best times I’ve ever had eating ice cream. At The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe in Lavallette, NJ, a cast of performers (who double as the shop’s wait staff) does a 40-minute musical revue six or seven times a night.

Once everyone is served their ice cream, the performers put on an adorable and very entertaining cabaret type show. They will scoop, squirt, serve, sing and dance until your dish is scraped clean! The talented cast maneuvered around the entire shop encouraging audience participation (for example, if you order the Chubby Checker sundae, you might be called on to get up and do the twist). My niece “J” and brother-in-law had to stand up and sing.... and my nephew “T” was serenaded, probably because he’s cute as a button.

The sweet shop has a lot more going for it than theatrics, including tons of yummy ice cream flavors, several different delicious sundaes, and a gift/fudge shoppe to stop in as you exit. I can’t tell you how much I thoroughly adored this calorie-filled cabaret show!! It was a super sweet ending to a terrific day at the beach.

Enjoy my gazillion photos:

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    My kind of theater... It is gloomy and rainy here today in South Florida. A rarity.
    And I know the perfect Cheerer-upper.
    That Hot Fudge Sundae I see staring me in the face on this blog - while there will be no singing while I am scarfing it down - I
    chuckle to know - that the palates of both
    Jerz/Fla family are in sync....