Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pizza Week (Thursday)

There are two main reasons I like the pizza at Lombardi’s in Cedar Grove, NJ:

(1.) It is a total Star Tavern knock off with its super thin crust.
(2.) You can order a pizza at Lombardi’s with long hot Italian peppers on top (which you can’t do at Star).

The restaurant environment is friendly with a small neighborhood sports bar feel. You are guaranteed to see town locals hanging out and plenty of families enjoying their pizza. The pizza doesn’t quite have the flavor and saltiness of Star, but it does have an excellent thin and crispy crust and I always order it well done to ensure coal black edges. Also, long hot peppers on top of pizza never hurt anyone. Crazy good.

Another thing not to be missed here is the Lombardi’s Platter appetizer filled with sautéed garlicky broccoli rabe, broccoli, sausage, longhot peppers, crispy potatoes and chunks of provolone. Indulgent and delicious...and hey, you’re getting some green veggies.

Sadly, I don’t have any photos of Lombardi’s pizza but you can see one here on Flickr because someone else took a picture of it! Thank heavens I’m not the only maniac photographing their food.

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  1. Oh, don't forget the endless advantages of being in Cedar Grove rather than *Orange*......