Monday, August 9, 2010

Pizza Week (Monday)

It’s Pizza Week here on The Greedy Palate! I’m talking five straight days (Mon-Fri) of posts about nothing but hot, bubbly, crispy, cheesy goodness.

First up – my all time favvvvvorite pizza. Something this good should be illegal, honestly. Amazingly flavorful, razor thin and crispy with charred edges and cheese that somehow melts into the sauce (just look at the above photo). Ready to hear where you can get it?

STAR TAVERN Orange, NJ. Bam. I’m sure if you live in Jersey, you’ve heard of Star. It’s pretty famous (as evidenced here, here and here). The restaurant itself looks like an old school tavern that you would find near a college....traditional bar, neon signs, big screen TV’s and wooden tables and chairs.

Their plain cheese pie is perfection. It is thin and crisp but still holds up without all that flopping. Be warned that the folks over at Star Tavern aren’t doing anything fancy (no fresh mozzarella, no basil, no drizzles of truffle oil). What they are doing is simple pizza with a good char, nice tangy sauce and perfect cheese distribution.

I’ve been going since I was a child and continue to enjoy it just as much as an adult. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t eaten Star and agreed it is fantastic. For me, it’s 100% pizza love and nothing beats it.

(photos courtesy of Off The Broiler)


  1. Star is fantastic, but the competition is fierce.....

  2. oooo
    You are so right with Star Tavern!
    I tried - but could not come up with
    anything better than PIZZA RESEARCH
    You're killing us down here in Boca where excellent pizza is as alien as Kim Kardasian in a Wal-Mart - Thank Goodness when I desire Pizza - Mark brings out his arsenal of pie
    tins, cheeses, etc etc etc and makes it
    for me - I'm wondering if you will hit OUR favorite (hint - Essex County) where when
    we visit NJ is a sure stop...